1. kevindaviesphotography:

    Kate Winslet London 1996, by Kevin Davies, Photographer


  2. Photographer Savannah Baker hits the streets of Jamaica to capture it’s coolest kids. Welcome to Jamrock!

  3. kevindaviesphotography:

    Omaha Beach Cemetery Normandy 2011

  4. kevindaviesphotography:

    49 today Elizabeth Hurley 6.12.1988

  5. artnet:

    In recent years, Photography has matured and now holds an incredibly important place in the contemporary African art scene. A potent medium for artists working on the continent, photography chimes with the revolutionary rise of digital activity in Africa, and because of the central place that family photographic portraiture has occupied in African culture since local populations had access to it. Photography invites and facilitates the process of appropriation and re-appropriation of identity, in a continent where post-colonial or post-apartheid identity are major themes for artists. It naturally engages with social and political issues that compel many artists; telling stories that need to be told.

    Discover the broad spectrum of African Photography. 



  8. Within the The African Contemporary Photography auction is a beautifully framed work from the Ghana Gold series De Money - “Ashanti Chief”- 2009 by George Osodi
    80 x 120 cm
    Edition of 5


  9. kevindaviesphotography:

    Salman Rushdie photographed at home in Islington London 19.7.1988, two months before the release of his book The Satanic Verses

  10. kevindaviesphotography:

    Agent Provocateur Rivoli Ballroom 17.5.05